11.09. – 15.09.2024 | online

Salt healer training
to become
an energetic
teeth healer

by Ola Kopplinger

11.09 – 15.09.2024 | Online

Let’s get to the root of the problem!

Our teeth. Mirror of our health, the hardest structure of our body. When we smile convincingly, we make friends. If our teeth are unhealthy, we are wary of showing the world our smile. We want to hide that something is not lived in us.

When we go to the dentist, we see what our lives are really like – not just on the surface. But in depth. The dentist examines us and shakes our hand – or it gets really expensive. And hurts.

More and more dentists start to realize through their work alone that treatment on the teeth affects the entire body. And that the teeth reflect the condition of the body.

With the salt healer training to become an energetic dental healer, I address both dentists and medical experts as well as people from naturopathy and spirituality. Because here, too, a new awareness is growing: the awareness that issues that are reflected in the teeth always have deeper causes.

Are you ready to get to the root?

The Training

Five days of transformation

The basis of the salt healer training to become an energetic teeth healer is a deep understanding of the importance of the healing power of salts. Because our planet is a planet of water and salts. Both store memories. Water volatile, salt stable.

What that means? A salt that was scooped up in the Himalayas has a different chemical composition than our refined table salt on the lunch table. The energetic blueprint of a salt goes far beyond that: As salt healers, we work with both energetic salts (to initiate processes) and physical salts to round off healing processes on the physical level.

As salt healers, we have the ability to use the informational power of salts: We inform salts, design their effects, and use them with a purpose. The effectiveness of this can usually be felt in a concrete way at the moment, some testimonials can be found here on the page.

In order to be able to influence your own life and the lives of clients and patients, you need your own inner transformation. This transformation is accomplished by the 5 days of salt healer training to become an energetic teeth healer.

5 days with the potential to change your life.

The salt healer training to become an energetic teeth healer lets you grow into your very own qualities. That’s why I support you during the training with personal impulse readings & initiations.

Content of the training

The days in detail

Clarification of one’s own path as a dental healer.

  1. Finding access to the primal pattern of creation.
  2. Perceptual access for teeth healers.
  3. Learning to read the tooth. Recognizing organ connections. Recognizing what is possible in terms of the natural law – complete tooth analysis.
  4. Retrieving the healing plan and costs.

Accesses and tools

  1. Getting to know the spiritual helpers. Meditations, mantras.
  2. Using helper contact in everyday life.
  3. The organ fields.
  4. Recognizing and adjusting one’s own path.
  5. Practicing a consultation for a client.
  6. The tooth healing salt and its preparation.
  7. The fire salt. Access to it.
  8. The flower energy. Accesses to it.
  9. Methods of application with the salt. Exercise.
  10. Final consultation by Aruna. “One’s own healing mission.”

The New Age of Salt Healing

  1. Regression to Haidakhan. Realizing new levels of salt healing.
  2. Erasing Creation Traumas & Restoring One’s Enamel.
  3. Aura cleaning with the fire salt.
  4. Laser focus and true wish fulfillment.
  5. Recognizing the cycles of life: Circadian rhythm (inner clock), elemental cycle. Harmonization techniques.

Clarification and Healing Day

  1. “Letting go means joining in.” A sun salutation.
  2. Angel guidance: What scares you, where do you not dare? Counseling by Ola.
  3. Love as power potential. Meditation with mantras.
  4. Inviting hypercausal body aspects.
  5. Fill up the emotional body.
  6. Purify astral body.
  7. Treatment by Ola to enhance one’s qualities.
  8. Reading about chakras listening and practicing for clients.
  9. Salt blessing for everyday life.
  10. Regression to the Salt Healer Temple.

Practicing and rehearsing what has been learned

  1. Exercise of the individual processes
  2. Final lecture
  3. The celebration of being a new teeth healer

5 days for your personal and professional development


Data policy

11 + 13 =

Allow yourself to be the miracle.

Next date: 11.09. – 15.09.2024, online
Price: € 3.500.– incl. VAT

I would be happy if you contact me for a preliminary talk. In this conversation you have space to ask your questions, we will clarify your wishes and doubts and see if I have a responsibility as a trainer for you.

From a medical point of view

Treatment fields

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Gums, bones, surrounding tissues
  3. Periodontal disease, receding gums
  4. Tooth preservation, also against age-related decay
  5. Connect tooth enamel to the original energy of creation
After the training you will:
  1. Recognize energy flow
  2. Read information in teeth
  3. Recognizing, naming and solving organ connections and interference fields
  4. Recognizing and resolving traumas and karmic aspects
  5. Have access to energetic salt healing
  6. Produce healing salt, among other things to support detoxification processes
  7. Be able to make a professional offer to your clients
  8. Be able to lead a healing and development process

Still questions?

I did the dental salt healing training because some of my patients were stagnating on their recovery path. Through the methods I was able, in the truest sense of the word, to get to the root of their problems. All traumata were resolved, the corresponding organs and meridians were strengthened and harmonized. My patients are enthusiastic about how effective and noticable the methods are.

Antra Vehrescheid

My path


My life is dedicated to healing and life change in the healing process. I have always been fascinated by the way healing can lead to better life change. My path is of course also related to my own healing and is full of hopeless situations where I have searched for solutions.

Twenty years ago, I dedicated myself entirely to healing. That’s why I quit my former job as a technician and embarked on the path as a healer and coach.

A decisive turning point in my journey was my encounter with energetic tooth salt healing – a true milestone on my path of self-development. The depth that lies behind the roots of the teeth deeply inspired me and encouraged me to delve even deeper into the world of healing and energy work.

Since then, I have gained a lot of experience and have been able to unleash my inherent potential to understand and utilize the transformative power in energetic tooth salt healing. This journey has not only broadened my understanding of healing, but also deepened my skills as a healer and coach.

On my website, I not only share my knowledge and experience, but also invite you to join me on a journey of self-development and healing.

Energetic teeth salt healing has helped me tremendously, and I know it will help you too.

Discover the deep wisdom that lies behind the roots of your life and let’s use the transformative energy of Energetic Dental Salt Healing together. I look forward to accompanying you on your own path to healing.

With love, Aruna


Let the salts solve what’s behind your dental problem.